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is this the scene that always happens in anime

how is this.. what

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  • Normal couples to each other: smile for me
  • Rin to Haru: Give me 10x smiles the best ones ya got cause I'm a fucking loser who treasures your every smile


one gif per episode: free! & free! eternal summer


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pharrell likes lolis


pharrell likes lolis

Thinking about how Haruka will handle post-race interviews like (Harurin Version thanks to tags by Hinalilly and ignoremesenpai):

  • Interviewer: What do you think was the motivating factor for your win in today's race?
  • Haruka: I could feel Rin's energy in the adjacent lane. We were connected through the water and it made my body heat up and stimulated me to swim faster...
  • Rin: (Waiting for his own interview. Chokes and falls dead into the pool.)

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